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Cleaning Terms

Understanding the difference between cleaning chemicals and equipment can be confusing. Here’s a reliable guide to help you navigate the language of the cleaning industry. Get advice from Dustbane, your trustworthy source for cleaning solutions. Here are the top 50 common cleaning terms:

Cleaning words

Ask Questions: Start with specific inquiries about their needs, such as the type of surface they wish to clean, the area size, any specific concerns they have, and any existing equipment or products they use.

Clarify Terminology: If they use slang or alternative terms, ask for a description of the product or equipment they have in mind or its intended use. This will help you understand their requirements better.

Provide Options: If the customer is unsure about the terminology, offer them a few options based on their needs. For instance, you can say, “Are you looking for a floor finish or wax for your floors?” This lets the customer select the term they prefer.

Show Samples: If possible, show the customer samples or images of different products or equipment. Visual aids can be very helpful in avoiding confusion.

Educate: If the customer is willing, briefly explain the different terms and their variations. This will help the customer make informed decisions.

Listen Actively: Pay close attention to the customer’s responses and be ready to adjust your recommendations based on their feedback. It’s crucial to tailor your suggestions to their specific needs and preferences.

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